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15 kg soft bags plus 5kg hand luggage allowance per person. However as we operate charters, your luggage allowance will be dependent on the length of your flight and the number of passengers on board. Please enquire on booking.

Passengers are required to check in 30 minutes before departure for domestic flights and 1 hour for international flights.

We advise you to allow a minimum of 90 minutes connecting time between international and domestic flights.

You should be familiar with the full range of health risks likely to be encountered at specific destinations and associated with different types of travel – from business, humanitarian, and leisure travel to backpacking and adventure tours.


You should protect yourself against insect bites and remember to pack prescription medicines and any other items you need for your trip. If you are in doubt, please contact your local health service/doctor or visit the World Health Organisation website and follow the appropriate links.


You are responsible for complying with all mandatory vaccination requirements; we advise you to contact your local doctor or clinic to determine the most up-to-date information or visit the World Health Organisation website.

Visitors are no longer required to have a yellow fever certificate.



You and your unborn baby are a priority to us and to avoid any unnecessary risks we recommend all expectant mothers consult a doctor before booking their ticket. For the safety and comfort of all pregnant women traveling by air, the following regulations shall apply:


Up to 28 weeks
Grand Air Charters will carry pregnant women without a doctor’s certificate, but the woman may be asked to sign an indemnity form at check-in confirming that they are less than 28 weeks pregnant


28 to 36 weeks
Grand Air Charters require a doctor’s certificate confirming that the passenger is fit to fly and specifying the date that the baby is due, and this certificate must be produced at check-in. Additionally, the woman will be required to sign an indemnity form.


36 weeks and over
Grand Air Charters will not carry women during this period of pregnancy under any circumstances. It is the responsibility of pregnant women to advise Grand Air Charters of their condition at the time the reservation is being made. If the enquiry is made online, you will be required to include the information on the Contact form and email:


Travel with Newborns
Grand Air Charters requires a doctor’s certificate confirming that the passenger and newborn are fit to fly within 10 days after delivery. A newborn is permitted to travel from 2 days old, but we would recommend that travel is not done before 7 days old.

Every passenger, including children, requires a passport valid for international travel. In addition to a passport, citizens of certain countries require a Visa. Your passport must be valid for at least six months from date of arrival and with two blank facing pages.

Every passenger is responsible for having correct travel documents. We invite you to check the current information on the Department of Immigration web site.

Passengers are reminded that a Domestic Departure Tax  of $15 (or local equivalent) must be paid prior to departure for all domestic routes.

Carriage of Unaccompanied Minors (UM)
An unaccompanied minor is a child aged between 5 and 11 years, not accompanied by a passenger 12 years or older.

A maximum of two unaccompanied minors may be carried on a flight. Only those flights that carry cabin crew will accept UMs. UMs may be accepted on flights with no cabin crew only if they are accompanied by a person older who can take responsibility for the UM.

UMs must be checked in by an adult guardian who must furnish photo identification, contact information as well as the relationship to the child. The same identification process will apply to the person the UM will be released to by the ground staff at destination.

Unaccompanied children will be carried at the discretion of the aircraft commander.

The Company Unaccompanied Minor form must be completed by ground staff for each child in the presence of the guardian during check-in.


Carriage of Persons of Reduced Mobility (PRM)
Carriage of incapacitated or disabled persons will be at the discretion of the captain, who must be informed of any PRM to be carried.

The normal maximum number of PRMs requiring the ambulift to disembark, is the same as the number of crew aboard the aircraft. For example, if crew comprises 2 pilots only, then no more than 2 PRMs may be carried. If 2 pilots and 1 cabin crew, then 3 such passengers may be carried.


Carriage of Animals
These include, but not limited to guide dogs for the blind, assistance dogs and police dogs.

No animals or pets will be carried in the passenger compartment on Grand Air Charters flights.


For full details of passenger regulations, please send your email to

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